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An Artists Haven 
Whatever artist you are  Eusemere Lodge provides a  perfect  haven for the artist to reconnect and capture the spirit and moment of time. 

Offering one of the best views in Europe of the Queen of the lakes –  Ullswater and the iconic Glenridding cumbrian mountain range the views will captivate you even on the darkest of days.  Look for availability and Book now https://eusemere-lodge.co.uk/prices-bookings/

Wordsworth believed that ‘nature plays a vital role in the creative mind of the poet’ .  For those of you who are well acquainted  with the works of Wordsworth may be familiar with the Grasmere Journal which a journal written  by William Wordsworth sister Dorothy Wordsworth who wrote on the 15th April 1802.

It was a threatening  misty morning – but mild.  We set off after dinner from Eusemere’  – Dorothy then describes the daffodils she sees around Glencoyne Bay  in her excerpt.  The descriptions she wrote from this walk with her brother by all accounts inspired  William to write  the infamous  daffodils ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud ……..   

There is no better place to spend time and chose colours from your paint pallate guided by the vibrant flowers in spring and summer which bloom within the grounds of Eusemere Lodge. Or which crisp golden autuminal  colour you are going to mix to bring your painting alive from being surrounded by the variety of leaves in the autumn fall. 

You can sharpen your  pencils for sketching or clean the lens of your camera to the chorus of the birds in Eusemere Lodges natural aviary.  Perhaps the song of the bird will help you find that note in the piece  of music you are composing or help you find the words for your song writing. 

When you need a break from your creativity for the dreaded writers block or to ease the tension from concentration.   Just a short rather bracing walk you can find yourself  on Askham or Barton fells. If you are lucky, you may see the herd of magical wild ponies which graze on the area. Nevertheless you can feed your soul from the top of the range looking at the panoramic view of Ullswater. 

For a gentle stroll you find yourself on the beaches of Ullswater.  You are welcome to take the boats out from Eusemere  Lodge. You may find the missing notes from your music from hearing  the lap of the water against the paddle. Alternatively one can sit back and relax on the timeless  Ullswater Steamer https://www.ullswater-steamers.co.uk/. There are opportunities to visit Aira force https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/aira-force-and-ullswater to hear the water dance through the falls. The steamer also stops at Glenridding where a walk up into the hills. The climb may bring you peace. Where the silence in the mountains echoes the beat of your heart – as you ascend into the Cumbrian mountains. Whereever you look and turn you will find that striking photography opportunity from the perfect angle to capture that moment.  

For the literature fans you may find during your stay that there is a local artist giving a talk in the Bookshop for Curious Minds https://vereybooks.co.uk/ .which is just a stones  throw away from Eusemere Lodge.  Or you can use the Lodge as a base to go on the www.englishlakestours.com . The tours take you through Wordsworth or Beatrix  Potters life and works.  The surrounding villages are rich in local artists with many open studios and local galleries to observe cumbrian artistry.

Returning to the lodge after your days of creative working and adventures the ducks and swans will welcome you back into the gates. The birds will continue to sing for you. You may see the enigmatic kingfisher and the heron fishing. The Herons flight times to the Lodge tend to be late afternoon and early morning from the River’s edge in the grounds.  

Who knows the from your study of the wildlife within the ground you may end up writing  the new generation Beatrix Potter books? 

If you are interested in arranging  a stay Catherine will be able to arrange tours and guide on what is on locally.  Altenatively If you are interested in bringing a group of artists together in this wonderful Lodge. Please contact Catherine on  07872579224  Or Book now https://eusemere-lodge.co.uk/prices-bookings/

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