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Booking Form

Agreement: this Holiday Letting Agreement, which is made up of the information in this booking form and the following terms and conditions;
Deposit: £500 (refundable pursuant to clause 6 of the following terms and conditions);
Inventory: the list of our possessions at the property signed by you and us;
Letting period: starting at 3pm on the [start date] and ending at 10:00am on the [end date] as confirmed at time of booking*
Rental charges: £[insert rental charge for booking] as agreed on booking website payable pursuant to clause 5 of the following terms and conditions)
Booking party Names and ages of all people in the booking party
Customer Name:   Age:  
Guest 2 Name:   Age:  
Guest 3 Name:   Age:  
Guest 4 Name:   Age:  
Guest 5 Name:   Age:  
Guest 6 Name:   Age:  
Guest 7 Name:   Age:  
Guest 8 Name:   Age:  
Guest 9 Name:   Age:  
Guest 10 Name:   Age:  
Guest 11 Name:   Age:  
Guest 12 Name:   Age:  

*The start and end dates need to be defined on a case by case basis.

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